Mercedes Viano 2.2 Ambiente

Mercedes Viano 2.2 Ambiente 2008
7 passenger seats

Service Cost
Minimum order in Kiev
starting 1200 ₴
Trips around Kiev
starting 400 ₴/hr
Trips around Ukraine
starting 16 ₴/km
Bohdan A09212

Bohdan A09212 2007
27 passenger seats

Service Cost
Minimum order in Kiev
starting 2500 ₴
Trips around Kiev
starting 625 ₴/hr
Trips around Ukraine
starting 25 ₴/km
Bohdan А09201

Bohdan А09201 2007
22 passenger seats

Service Cost
Minimum order in Kiev
starting 2400 ₴
Trips around Kiev
starting 600 ₴/hr
Trips around Ukraine
starting 25 ₴/km


Service Cost
Minimum order in Kiev
calculated individually
Trips around Kiev
calculated individually
Trips around Ukraine
calculated individually
Foreign travel
calculated individually

Order bus Kyiv. Rent a bus passenger transportation

Passenger transportation to Kyiv by bus is an efficient solution to urgent problems

The bus is one of the most popular types of transport. Probably, in Ukraine people of the older generation still remember the hard, “bouncing” on every road bump “PAZs” with creaking accordion doors. Fortunately, today a trip by bus no longer makes you shudder involuntarily. Modern transport is comfortable buses or minibuses with cozy and clean interiors, soft seats and a set of additional services (air conditioning, TV, and others). It is not surprising that passenger transportation in Kyiv by bus is very popular.

When might I need to order a bus in Kyiv or all over Ukraine?

In addition to regular passenger transportation, buses are irreplaceable in situations where it is necessary to transport a large group of people.

What is the purpose of ordering a bus?

  • transferring of guests at large-scale family events (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, etc.);
  • organisation of a country trip with friends. In some cases, personal vehicles are simply not enough to transport the entire friend group. And such events, typically, are accompanied by the use of alcoholic beverages. Why deprive someone of the opportunity to enjoy the holiday in nature to the fullest, if you can order a minibus in Kyiv?
  • transfer of a large group of people from the airport or a train station to the desired location;
  • regular transportation of people within the city - delivery of employees to work or children to school and back to home. Now it is more cost-effective to use the services of a transport company by concluding a service agreement than to maintain your own vehicles;
  • sightseeing (pilgrimage) trips. In this case, not only the comfort of the transport and its speed characteristics are important, but also the presence of large windows that provide a good overview of natural and cultural attractions. It is crucial to have WC on the bus, because sightseeing trips usually are designed for long periods of time;
  • international shipping.

Bus rental in Kyiv (Ukraine) features:

Although the pricing policy of enterprises offered ordering a minibus in Kyiv, and a regular bus is kept in the same range, many factors can influence the cost of the service in each specific case:

  • technical capabilities of the model;
  • time of year, weekend or business day, time of day;
  • number of hours;
  • purpose of the trip;
  • route;

In order for the rental conditions to be as beneficial as possible, it is better to book a bus in Kyiv in advance. Be sure to check the reliability and integrity of the carrier (license, experience, reputation, customer base). And even if the transport company inspires maximum confidence, it is still necessary to conclude an official agreement on the rental of transport, where all the conditions are clearly stated. Be sure to personally inspect the proposed transport and make sure that it meets the stated requirements.

International transportation by bus from Kyiv features:

International passenger transportation (Kyiv), as well as state ones, are carried out not only by regular routes. Many travel companies transport their clients (especially to European countries) by buses - both their own and rented. It is interesting that more and more organisations refuse to keep buses on the balance sheet of the company. After all, having your own transport is associated with serious costs for repairs, parking, spare parts, fuel, wages for drivers and maintenance personnel, and insurance. Cooperation with a carrier organisation eliminates all these problems.

What are the requirements for a carrier that can provide a bus to Europe or to travel to other countries?

  • obligatory availability of a license for this type of service, namely, for international transportation (not on a regular basis);
  • the provided bus must be technically sound and meet the requirements of the leaser. The execution of the necessary documents for transport is also the responsibility of the carrier;
  • personnel must be fully staffed, and the crew must know the specifics of the traffic rules of a particular country. In turn, the carrier must consider the optimal of work to rest ratio for drivers and attendants;
  • transport owners civil liability insurance, passengers’ insurance, payment of travel allowances to drivers should be provided.

A trip to foreign countries involves being on the bus for a long time (up to several days). Long lasting stay in the vehicle provokes the so-called "transport fatigue". And this cannot but affect the passengers’ well-being, their comfort, and the quality of rest. Therefore, for such trips, it is necessary to rent only luxury models: with a soft and smooth ride, comfortable seats, and air conditioning.

Advantages of cooperation with the company ""

The transport company "" has been providing passenger transportation services in Kyiv and Kyiv region for more than 15 years. In addition, we carry out national (Ukraine) and international transportation. We have the experience of traveling around Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and other European countries. Positive customer reviews are the best validation of our service quality.

What other undeniable advantages for customers can our company offer?

  • high expertise of the drivers and service personnel. Our drivers have many years of experience in accident-free driving, and qualified mechanics ensure that our vehicles function properly;
  • Our vehicle fleet (cars, minibuses and buses) is modern and comfortable. We can offer both spacious budget transport and executive class buses. A cozy cabin and comfortable chairs will ensure the passengers’ comfort even during long journeys;
  • high level technical equipment of the vehicle (availability of TVs, DVD-players, air conditioners, individual lighting);
  • we calculate the best route;
  • our transport is ready for travelling at all times;
  • we are ready to consult you on all issues of interest and provide comprehensive information regarding transport and terms of cooperation;
  • our company provides an opportunity to book a bus in advance.

Any trip is individual, but regardless the ultimate goal, it should bring only pleasurable emotions. We are putting all of our experience and knowledge into the organization of each trip. Cooperation with our company is a guarantee of passengers’ comfort and safety.

Bon Voyage!


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