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Transportation of employees

We have developed and implemented the Transportation service - this is an organization of delivery of employees for various companies, to ensure their travels from home to work and back or for other business purposes. In addition, we offer a service for shopping and entertainment centres for transporting the customers directly to them.

The success of any company, regardless of its nature, depends on the quality of the staff’s responsible behaviour. Thus, taking care of their employees, the company's management, caring about the profitability of the business. It is for this reason, that the transportation of employees is becoming a service that is in an increasing demand.

Thanks to the transportation of staff, your employees will always be at work on time and in a good mood, because they will not have to freeze while waiting for public transport and wonder how to get to work. Transporting people to and from work has a positive effect on productivity and increases loyalty to management and the company. Delivery is beneficial, because by ordering such a service, you will always be sure that the work flow will begin without delay.

Service delivery is more and more relevant today, because most of the production associations are concentrated in the suburbs. In the construction industry, the transportation of workers has already become usual, because it is often the most difficult to get to objects under construction, especially if they are being built not in the city, but in the suburbs.

Transportation of employees by a professional carrier takes into account all your interests. Need to send employees home at night? After all, getting home at 4 in the morning is not so easy. Do you need to transport just five or one hundred and fifty employees? Pick up staff from one specific point in the city or meet right at the entrance? Drive workers out of town?

When ordering delivery services, you can forget about a bunch of problems. First of all, there will be no need to organize your own car fleet, which requires large financial investments in the purchase, repair and maintenance of cars. The delivery service will allow you to save money, while effectively solving all transportation issues.

We are ready to consider any proposals for cooperation and to do everything in our power to ensure the convenience of our customers.

Passenger transportation is a very responsible task. In our company’s staff, only professional drivers with extensive work experience and an impeccable reputation are engaged in the transportation of personnel. For transportation of employees, we use only buses and minibuses.

By trusting the transportation of employees with us, you will save money that you spend on maintaining your own fleet and the necessary staff. Prices for renting a bus for transporting workers are agreed on an individual basis, since the price of transportation depends on the number of personnel, the distance and frequency of travel, and other factors. Transportation of employees of different companies is one of the most demanded new services on the market.